Swisher ZT2766KP


The Zero Swisher ZT2766KP Giro Swisher Swisher is one of the largest and most powerful hosts that can be purchased from any brand or manufacturer. This is due to its large 27 hp engine and its large 6 6-inch cutting platform. Due to the size of the ZT 2766KP, it makes little sense to buy it for residential use. Instead, most people who buy it are professional commercial or landscape contractors. The engine that drives the corteped is a tw o-cylinder Kohler model that allows it to reach a maximum speed of 13. 7 km/h (8. 5 mph) forward, while in reverse, its maximum speed is 6, 6, 4 km/h (4 mph).

The 27 hp Kohler engine power is transferred to the wheels of the Zero Swisher ZT2766KP gyrus survey through a double commercial quality hydrostatic transmission manufactured by EATON. The amount of power that each rear wheel receives is controlled by the operator through the lap bars. The lap bars also control the direction of the rear wheels (forward or back). The 6 6-inch cutting platform of the ZT277 KP contains 3 gator blades that crush the grass cuts as they cut them. These blades are activated by Correa. Similar but smaller and less powerful models than this Swisher include the zer o-rotation spi n-spi n-spin cutsions ZT2352 and Swisher ZT2052.

The Zero Swisher ZT2766KP Giro Swisher Swisher Platform is raised and lowered by a sprin g-assisted lever. It has a very high cutting height of 5. 75 inches and a minimum height of 1. 5 inches above the ground. A great indicator that the ZT-2766KP is intended for commercial contractors is the fact that it has 2 fuel deposits, each of which has a capacity of up to 22. 7 liters (6 gallons USA) of gasoline Lo Lo Lo LoWhat does you mean that you will not have to refuel regularly. This host comes with a limited guarantee of 150 hours / 1 year (what happens first) for people who buy it for commercial use, while it comes with a limited 2-year guarantee for people who buy it for personal residential use. Click here to buy the Swisher ZT2766KP.

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