John Deere Z520A


The John Deere Z520A mower is the big brother of the John Deere Z510A mower and is part of the John Deere ZTrak Estate Z500 series of mowers. It’s a late model John Deere zero-turn mower that many people are quite fond of. Since it is a large machine, it has a correspondingly large engine. It is a 2 cylinder Kohler gasoline engine. Its size is 0. 725 liters (44 cubic inches), but it produces 25 horsepower to drive the machine forward as well as power the header. The JD Z520A’s engine is air-cooled and uses pressure lubrication to prevent wear.

The John Deere Z520A is designed for intensive use and large mowing jobs. As a result, it has a whopping 26. 5-litre fuel tank. The top speed of the JD Z520A is very impressive, reaching 16 km/h, while it is understandably slower when reversing, reaching 8 km/h. Thanks to its ergonomic handles, this John Deere mower is really easy to handle, even for long periods of time.

The John Deere Z520A could originally be purchased with 2 different size cutting decks. The smaller deck has a 54-inch width of cut, while the larger deck has a 60-inch width of cut. The size of the mower decks, combined with their high speed, make the JD Z520A a favorite among professional landscapers and commercial contractors when mowing very large parks, gardens, golf courses and fields. of game. The grass is discharged from the side of the Z520A. This mower is great. It weighs 510 kg. The John Deere Z520A comes with a 2-year or 300-hour (whichever comes first) warranty for those who purchased it. The people who buy this mower are almost exclusively private contractors and not individuals, due to its size, power and cost.

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