John Deere 70


There are actually 3 John Deere 70 very different. The first is the tractor built in the 50s, the other is the modern harvester built and produced today and the last and least known JD 70 is a 7 hp manelet produced in the late 60s and early 70s. Most people know the JD 70 as the classic tractor built and produced in the 1950s, so this review will be based on that tractor.

The John Deere 70 originally entered production in 1953 as a substitute for the John Deere G. Like many JD tractors of the time, it came with one of the 4 series engines.

  • A 2-cylinder John Deere gasoline engine capable of producing 50. 4 hp
  • A 2-cylinder John Deere engine, totally gasoline, capable of producing 45 hp
  • A 2-cylinder LP Deere LP deere gas engine capable of producing 52 hp
  • A 2-cylinder John Deere diesel engine capable of producing 51. 5 hp.

It weighed between 2, 737 kg (6, 035 lb) and 2, 952 kg (6, 510 lb) depending on the engine it would carry. It had a length of 347 cm and a width of 220 cm. Today, these dimensions make it a small tractor. However, at that time, John Deere 70 was a rather large tractor.

Several variants of the JD 70 were also built: the 70d (diesel) that has previously been included, 70 s (high crops) and 70s (wheat).

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