John Deere 8960


The Tractor John Deere 8960 is a monster that is part of the JD 8060 series of large articulated tractors built specifically to drag heavy implements. It is the largest tractor in the 8060 series. The other 2 machines, the John Deere 8560 and John Deere 8760 tractors are much smaller and produce less power, which means that the loads that are capable of dragging are much lower. The JD 8960 engine is a Cummins diesel model. This 6-cylinder engine has a total displacement of 14 liters. A engine obviously has a very large cooling system that needs to be filled with up to 68. 1 liters of water. The engine is turbocharged and develops 370 hp. Use a vacuum along with a double element air filter to prevent dust and other particles from entering the engine and reduce its performance.

Tractor John Deere 8960 is supplied with 2 different transmission systems. The first is a JD Powrsync transmission with a partial gear change that offers the operator 24 speeds to travel forward and 6 to go back. The other gearbox option is a JD Power Shift transmission that offers 12 progress and 3-back speeds. The JD 8960 tractor is built on an articulated chassis 4×4 4WD. This chassis makes the tractor excellent for dragging heavy loads, but not so much for other works. The total weight of the tractor is very high, 16, 134 kg (35, 570 pounds) and has a huge wheelbase of 3. 4 m (134 inches).

The John Deere 8960 wheels that support this great weight are quite large, the 4 wheels stand 20. 8-38 (20. 8 inches wide, 38 inches in tire diameter). However, most of the time you will see the JD 8960 with double wheels instead of simple. The tractor comes with a category type hitch 4. It rises and is lowered by a closed hydraulic system.

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