John Deere 8000 E-Cut Hybrid


The John Deere 8000 E-Cut Hybrid street mower is very similar to the John Deere 7500 E-Cut Hybrid and John Deere 7700 PrecisionCut mowers. The main reason is that it uses the same Yanmar diesel engine as the other 2 mowers. However, its overall cutting width is 20 inches less than the JD 7500 E-Cut Hybrid and the JD 7700. The Yanmar engine that powers all 3 mowers, including the JD 8000, is a liquid-cooled 3-cylinder. This engine has a maximum power of 37. 1 hp. This motor drives both the wheels and the mowing units.

The John Deere 8000 E-Cut Hybrid mower has only 3 wheels. 2 front wheels and one rear wheel. Power is transferred to all 3 wheels, but the rear wheel is responsible for steering the machine. All three wheels are the same size. Each measures 24×12-12 (24-inch diameter, 12-inch width, 12-inch rim diameter). All three wheels are smooth and have a ground pressure of 10 psi, which means there is no risk of marking the road during operation. The wheels are braked by a disc and a dynamic braking system. Forward and reverse are controlled by 2 pedals. The maximum speed of the JD 8000 mower is 14 km/h when it is not cutting grass and the cutting units are raised. When lowered and engaged, its top speed is 10 km/h. In reverse, it can reach a top speed of 8 km/h.

There are a total of 5 identical cutting units attached to the front of the John Deere 8000 E-Cut Hybrid street mower. Each cutting unit is 18 inches wide, while the total cutting width is 80 inches. You can choose between 7 or 11 blades on each reel. All spools are 5 inches in diameter. When you buy the JD 8000 new, it comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

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