John Deere 3720


The John Deere 3720 Compact Utractor Tractor is the largest Machine in the 3000 JD series. The smallest models include the John Deere 3520 compact tractor and the John Deere 3320 utractor tractor. The JD 3720 obtains its power of a 3-cylinder Yanmar engine that produces very decent 44 hp. The engine is diesel and is also supercharged (it is not surprising that they get so much power with a displacement of only 1. 5 liters). The engine is cooled by liquid by means of a cooling system that can contain up to 7. 2 liters of water. The engine power is transferred to the wheels through two different transmission systems. The first option is a Sauer-Danfoss Ehydro transmission. It is a hydrostatic that provides JD 3720 with an infinite speed in 3 ranges. The second option is an Ehydro Autohst. It is also a hydrostatic transmission that provides the machine infinite speeds in 3 ranges.

As John Deere 3720 is at the largest end of the scale, it is not very common to find it in use in small gardens. It is much more likely to use commercial landscapes or even small farmers. It is still very versatile due to all the accessories that can accommodate (snow blowers, snow blades, rotary brooms, scrapers, sprayers, scarifters, loaders and backhoe), but due to their size and power, it makes much more sense to use a machineas this only where all your power can be used (that is, great projects).

The John Deere 3720 is quite heavy. If you buy the machine with the standard cabin, you will weigh 1619 kg (3570 lbs) while without the cabin (but with a ROPS), it weighs 1315 kg (2900 lbs). The JD 3720 engine is started with a 1 2-volt battery that provides 500 cold starting amps and recharges with an alternator of 40 or 75 amps.

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