John Deere 8850


The John Deere 8850 Articulated Tractor is the largest in the series that includes two other machines, the John Deere 8450 and John Deere 8650 Tractors. Some of the specifications of this tractor are truly amazing. Its shipping weight is 17, 000 kg (37, 480 lbs), while its weight when fully operational is 17, 100 kg (37, 700 lbs). The overall length of the JD 8850 is 6. 54 m (257. 8 inches). Although the tractor is incredibly large, with a 3. 37m (133in) wheelbase, it still has a pretty decent minimum turning radius of 5. 8m. The largest tractor-compatible wheels measure 30. 5-32 (30. 5 inches wide, 32-inch rim diameter), while the smallest tractor-compatible wheels measure 20. 8-38 (20. 8inches wide, 38-inch rim diameter). This tractor is commonly used with double wheels.

The engine that powers the John Deere 8850 tractor is an 8-cylinder model that has a total displacement of 15. 7 liters. The engine’s liquid cooling system is huge, holding 73. 8 liters of water. Thanks to the fact that the engine of the JD 8850 has an intercooled turbocharger, the total power of the engine is an amazing 370 hp. The engine runs with a compression ratio of 15. 5 to 1. The engine oil tank holds 48. 3 liters of oil. An engine this size consumes much more fuel than an average 90hp utility tractor. Therefore, the fuel tank can contain up to 908. 4 liters of diesel.

The hitch of the John Deere 8850 is category 4/4N. The hydraulic system that drives it gives it a maximum lifting capacity of 4, 649 kg (10, 250 lbs). The hydraulic system holds 172. 2 liters of hydraulic fluid. It is a closed system. The JD 8850 was replaced by the John Deere 8960 tractor when it was discontinued in 1988. You can review this tractor by filling out the form below.

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