Kubota B3200


The Kubota B3200 is slightly more powerful than the Kubota B2920 or the Kubota B3000. It gets its power from a V1505-E3-D24 diesel engine designed and built by Kubota. It is a 4-cylinder engine that uses a liquid cooling system. Its total displacement is 1, 498 liters. The engine is diesel and uses a double element paper air filter to prevent particles from entering the combustion chamber and potentially altering the combustion process. The engine power of the B 3200 is 32 hp.

The Kubota B3200’s engine uses a 3-range HST hydrostatic gearbox to transfer power from the engine to the wheels. This makes the handling of the B 3200 very easy, since it is hardly necessary to change gears. When it is necessary to change gear, there is a dry disc clutch. The tractor reaches a top speed of 19. 8 km/h. Deceleration on this tractor is highly controlled thanks to the use of a multi-disc braking system in an oil bath. The tractor also uses a differential lock when cornering to give you even more control. This also means that when you are operating on a lawn, it is less likely to break when turning.

The Kubota B3200 tractor uses an open center hydraulic system with a double pump to power its implements. At the rear of the B3200 you will also find a category 1 3-point hitch that has a maximum lift capacity of 750 kg (1, 655 lbs). The tractor is controlled by a power steering system that makes it relatively easy to maintain control over rough and uneven terrain. The weight of the tractor is 800 kg. The Kubota LA504 front loader on this model has a maximum lift capacity of 483 kg (1065 lbs). There is also a backhoe available, as well as a center-mounted mowing deck.

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