John Deere 8560


The John Deere 8560 tractor sits on a 4X4 4WD articulated chassis that allows it to pull incredibly heavy machinery behind it. This tractor was first offered for sale in 1989. On the scale, the tractor weighs 14, 549 kg. As you can imagine, moving a machine of this size requires an enormous amount of horsepower (not to mention pulling a heavy load). Therefore, the engine is a real beast. The engine is built in house by JD themselves. It is a turbocharged diesel engine with a total power of 235 hp. The total displacement of the engine is 7. 6 liters. The JD 8560’s engine is kept cool by a large liquid cooling system.

There are two possible gearboxes that come with the John Deere 8560 tractor. The first is a fully assisted shift John Deere ‘Power Shift’ gearbox. This transmission system offers the operator a total of 12 speeds for forward gear and 3 for reverse gear. The other gearbox option is a John Deere PowrSync transmission that gives the operator twice the gear options, 24 forward and 6 reverse. The driver controls the tractor using hydraulic wet disc brakes and a hydrostatic power steering system.

The JD 8560 was replaced by the John Deere 8570 tractor when production ended in 1993. The other 2 larger machines in the JD 8060 series of articulated tractors are the John Deere 8760 and John Deere 8960 tractors. If you have previously owned or usedJohn Deere 8560 tractor, please leave a comment in the field below to let others know what you think of it. Try to make sure that your review is as balanced as possible, including both the good and bad things you have found about this tractor.

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