Cub Cadet Tank M54-KH


The Zero Cub Cadet Tank M54-KH Giro Cadet Speaker is a bit larger and more powerful than the Zero Cub Cadet Tank L48 turn, but it does not have a cutting width as large as the Cub Cadet Tank L60. The M54KH obtains its power of a Command engine designed and manufactured by Kohler. This is a tw o-cylinder gasoline model that is air refrigerated. Use a full pressure lubrication system to ensure that everything continues to work well and without excessive friction. The lubrication system comes with an oil filter. The total engine displacement is 0. 725 liters and is started using a 12 volt battery that is recharged through a 20 amps alternator once the engine is running.

The Cub Cadet Tank M54-KH Speaker has two fuel deposits. This gives you the ability to sustain up to 53 liters (14 gallons of the E. E. U.) of gasoline. This enormous fuel capacity is a strong indicator that the M54KH is intended to be used mainly by gardening professionals who do not want to worry about constantly filling the fuel tank.

The engine activates the rear wheels through a Parker Wheel engines and Hydro-Gear double pump. This allows the operator to control the corteped without having to worry about changing march. The Cub Cadet M54-KH engine transfers the power to the rear wheels. Each rear wheel is quite large, measuring 24 × 12-12 (24 inches in diameter, 12 inches wide, 12 inches in tire diameter) and can boost the M54KH up to a maximum speed of 19. 3 kph (12 mph). The cutting platform of this model has a 5 4-inch cut width. It has 3 blades and can be raised and lowered from a height of 5 inches on the ground to a height of 1 inch on the ground.

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