John Deere LESCO SL85A


The John Deere Lesco SL85A is not immediately recognizable as a John Deere mann. This is for 2 reasons. The first is that the green color used in the paint is not the traditional green found in the JDs and tractors. The other is because Lesco is a different brand that John Deere has/opera low, manufacturing other machines. The JD SL85A is much larger than his little brother, the zer o-rotation website John Deere Lesco SL80A, while it is very similar both in size and potential to the John Deere Lesco Sl88a.

The maximum speed of the John Deere Lesco SL85A Sl85A is very high, especially if you take into account that it is a seat host. Thoroughly, it can reach speeds of up to 14. 5 kph (9 mph) when it moves forward, while when it goes back it can reach up to 4. 8 kph (3 mph). The tires that provide this power are quite large, since they control both the speed and the direction of the SL85A Lesco. The main rear wheels measure 18 × 8. 5-8 (18 inches in diameter, 8. 5 inches of width, 8 inches in tire diameter) while the front tires are much smaller since their only function is to keep the cortepedstanding JD SL85a balanced. They measure 11 × 4-5 (11 inches in diameter, 4 inches wide, 5 inches in tire diameter).

The John Deere Lesco SL85A cutting platform has a 4 8-inch cutting width, although its total width is a little larger than this: 49 inches with the upward discharge duct and 61. 5 inches with the backward duct. The total weight of the JD Lesco SL85A is 476. 3 kg (1050 lbs). Please, feel free to leave a comment about Lesco SL85A to give others a little information about what it is to own one of them and what he liked / disgusted about it.

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