John Deere 4450


The John Deere 4450 is a tractor of the 1980s, made between 1983 and 1988 at the JD plant in Waterloo, Iowa. This great prestige tractor belongs to the 50 Tractor series, which included its younger brothers, the John Deere4250 and John Deere 4050. When this tractor stopped manufacturing, the John Deere 4440 took his place. The JD 4450 is propelled by a 6-cylinder engine designed and manufactured by John Deere. This 6-cylinder turbocharged engine was a 7. 6-liter beast that needed a 25. 6-liter liquid cooling system to prevent it from overheating. The engine itself produced 140 hp impressive, which made it very suitable for most drag tasks.

The John Deere 4450 engine is based on a selection of 2 chassis. An optional 4 × 4 mfwd 4wd or standard 4×2 2WD chassis. The JD 4450 could also choose between 2 different transmission systems when it left the assembly chain. The first is a John Deere Power Shift transmission that gives the tractor 15 marches forward and 4 when you go back. The oil capacity of this transmission was 51. 1 liters for 4WD chassis or 39. 7 liters for 2WD chassis. This gives a maximum speed of 18. 1 mph. The other transmission option is a John Deere Quad Range transmission that provides 16 marches when it progresses and 6 marches when it goes back. This transmission has an oil capacity of 60. 6 liters. La Quad Range provides JD 4450 for a maximum speed of 17. 3 mph.

The length of the John Deere 4450 tractor varies depending on the type of chassis. The 4WD chassis gives it a total length of 4. 16 m (164. 1 inches) while the 2WD chassis gives it a length slightly less than 3. 91 m (154. 1 inches). The wheelbase of the JD 4450 also varies depending on the type of chassis. The 2WD chassis gives it a wheelbase of 2. 71 m (106. 7 inches) while the 4WD chassis gives it a wheelbase of 2. 67 m (105. 3 inches). The total operating weight of John Deere 4450 is 6985 kg (15400 lbs).

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