Kubota BX2200


The Kubota Bx2200 cutter is a garden tractor. He left the Kubota assembly chain for 2 years, from 2001 to 2003. The cutter is propelled by a Kubota diesel engine with a 0. 9-liter displacement. This gives the cut a maximum power of 16. 7 hp. This power is transmitted to the rest of the wheels through a hydrostatic transmission. This means that there are no marches in the Kubota Bx2200. Instead, it is enough to stepping thoroughly or release the accelerator to accelerate or stop.

This tractor cortesped weighs 725 kg (1600 lbs) which makes it a very large and heavy cutter, especially when compared to other companies of companies such as John Deere that weigh much less, but they have much more powerful engines. The Kubota BX2200 comes with a rops (antivuelco bar) as standard, but not with a cabin to protect the operator from the elements.

However, the best thing about this machine is that it is compatible with a wide range of accessories, from front loaders to rotary milling machines, skisting blades, earth sprayers, box blades and barred brooms. If you are a Kubota tractor fan and your smallest counterparts in the corteped, then you should definitely consider this model. Keep in mind that the Kubota BX2200 weighs 725 kg (1600 lbs) so if it uses it on very soft land it will leave thread marks unless you use very wide and soft tires.

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