Husqvarna GTH27V48LS


The Husqvarna GTH27V48LS corter tractor is a 4 8-inch manual corteped with a 27 hp engine. Similar machines include the Husqvarna YTH24V48LS, which has a cutting platform of the same size and the grass tractor Husqvarna GTH26V52LS. The engine that drives the GTH 27V 48LS is an Endurance series engine developed and built by the Briggs & Stratton boys. This bicylindrical engine has 0. 724 liters and is air refrigerated. It starts electrically by a 12 volt battery that is recharged with a 16 amps alternator. It is not necessary to change the march in this machine thanks to the Hyrddo Gear hydrostatic transmission that makes it automatic. This transmission provides the tractor for a maximum speed of 12. 6 km/h, which makes it very agile.

The fuel tank of the Husqvarna GTH27V48LS cutting has capacity for 15. 1 liters of gasoline. Although it is a large machine with a length of 1. 8 m (71 inches) and a 4 8-inch cutting platform, it is very easy to drive in small and narrow spaces thanks to its minimum rotation radius of 0. 46 m(18 inches).

One of the great things of the Husqvarna GTH27V48LS, is that it is very easy to use, in addition to being automatic, it is also very easy to handle the cutting platform. This is thanks in part to the fact that the controls to upload and lower the platform of the cortesped are on the fender cover, so you will never have to stretch to change the cutting height. The grass cutter platform is also assisted spring that the media that you never have to worry and force the posterior part by changing its height of a low of 1. 5 inches up to a 4-inch high on the earth. Unfortunately, the GTH 27V 48LS cutting does not come with headlights so you cannot use this machine in the dark.

3 Reviews of the Husqvarna GTH27V48LS

I bought this tractor with about 60 hours of use from someone who moved to a much smaller land and did not need it anymore. I didn’t know much about the Husqvarna hosts. This is not a cut that is sold in Lowes. Built much better. The host works really well. The platform cuts well and while the grass is dry and not too high, download well. The borrower does a great job as long as he does not use it as a weeds. The pleasant surprise is that it has a very closed turn radius. It is not exactly a zero turn, but much less jockying around to make the patio looks good. I really can’t find much to complain. The best value for money. I have had other big brands of large brands. This is the one that works best. I don’t see many of these in the market. But it has been a pleasant surprise.

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