John Deere 180


The John Deere 180 mapping is an update of the John Deere 170. Like almost all other JD spectacles, it was also manufactured at the Horicon plant in Wisconsin. The JD 180 spectacle comes with a Kawasaki FC540V engine of 0. 534 liters. This 1 cylinder and natural aspiration gasoline engine produces 17 hp. It is air refrigerated and purifies the air that enters the engine by means of a dry type filter that has a foam prelimpy component. Fortunately, the engine is launched using a 12 V battery instead of using a tensile cable type setback mechanism.

The John Deere 180 uses a peerless change transmission that provides the 5-velocities to the top when moving forward and one when it goes back. Its maximum speed in advance is 7. 9 km/h (4. 9 mph). The gearbox must be filled with 1 liter of transmission fluid. The fuel tank has capacity for 8. 3 liters of gasoline. When buying the new 180, you could choose between 2 cutting platforms: one of 38 inches mounted in the center or a rear of 46 inches wide. In addition to cutting platforms, there are also a range of accessories compatible with the corteped. These include a 3 8-inch snow blower that can be connected to the front of the machine (it is a singl e-stage snow blower), as well as a tidker that can contain up to 6. 5 bushels.

Depending on the coupled cutting platform, the John Deere 180 can weigh up to 278 kg, which may seem quite heavy for some. It has a wheelbase of 1. 13 m (48 inches) and a width of 1. 01 m (40 inches), so it is quite stable when it moves through irregular land. If you have (or have had) an 180, leave us a comment below and tell us your experience with him.

6 Reviews of the John Deere 180

I appreciate its use and enjoy this machine. It is worth buying and putting them in shape, since once updated they are quite resistant birds.

In general, everything excellent until the present problem, but then it is 2 6-age, but I would not like to lose it for such an inconsistent part.

I bought it last month for 300 used. It was not working and it turns out that it is something with the fuel pump so I have to get a new one and see if it starts.

Just something to play

My father bought new in 1984 and gave me a few years ago. It has done very well. I had to change the brake pads a couple of years ago, but that is expected every 20 years or so. Great cuttail, I would not sell it or change it.

I have used other shortcuts for her heck, but I would not change or give mine.

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