Massey Ferguson 6480


The Massey Ferguson 6480 agricultural tractor is part of the versatile and powerful 6400 series of MF tractors. The MF 6480 has been leaving the assembly chain since 2004 in France, where this model is manufactured. It incorporates a Perkins diesel engine that uses a Wastegate turbocharger to provide additional power. This 6-cylinder engine and liquid cooling has a 6-liter displacement and uses a double paper air filter to make sure the air entrance is free of waste. The maximum output power of its Perkins engine is 124 hp. You can opt for a 4 × 2wd chassis or a more robust 4 × 4 mfwd 4WD chassis.

The engine power reaches the wheels through 1 of 2 gearboxes. The first is a Dyna 6 transmission that provides the tractor for 24 speeds in advance and the same amount in reverse. The other option provides the MF 6480 32 marches when you move forward and the same amount when you reverse it. The fuel tank of Massey Ferguson 6480 has a maximum capacity of 265 liters of diesel.

The Massey Ferguson 6480 model uses a 3-point 2 or 3N points hitch to connect optional accessories such as packers and plows. This hitch has a maximum rear lifting capacity of 4, 259 kg. The tractor also has an optional front taking and an hitch with a maximum front elevation capacity of 3175 kg. The tractor uses a 120 amps alternator to load its 12 volt battery to start the engine. The tractor shipping weight varies depending on whether the 4wd chassis, 5239 kg (11552 lbs) or the 2WD chassis, 5013 kg (11052 lbs) is chosen. However, once in operation, this weight increases to 5994 kg (13215 lbs) for 4WD chassis and 5960 kg (13140 lbs) for the 2WD version. The tractor has a length (without implements) of 4. 49 m (177 inches), but this will increase depending on the (many) implements used with this tractor.

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