John Deere 5065E


The John Deere 5065E utractor tractor is often confused with the John Deere 5065m, since both have a similar name. However, both are very different tractors, propelled by different motors. The JD 5065E is propelled by a 3-cylinder Powertech 3029 Diesel engine designed and manufactured by John Deere. This engine has a size of 2. 9 liters and produces 65 hp thanks to the fact that it is supercharged. The engine is refrigerated by liquid. The fuel tank of this tractor can contain up to 68. 1 liters of diesel. In 5065e you can choose between 2 similar transmissions. One is the Syncshuttle transmission, which provides 9 advance and 3 setback speeds. This transmission provides a maximum speed of 28 km/h. The other transmission is a Syncreverser that also provides 9 marches forward and 3 to go back. In this machine a dry clutch is used for the change of gears.

The John Deere 5065E utractor tractor comes standard with a 3-point hitch in the 5E series, category 2. This hitch has a maximum elevation capacity of 1, 629 kg (3, 591 lb) and can house a wide range of implements. Hydraulic disc brakes and differential blocking facilitate the control of JD 5065E. The total weight of the machine varies since there are 3 different variants, a 2WD model, a 4WD model and an MFWD model.

The John Deere 5065E comes with a rops (antivuelco bar) folding that allows it to easily save it into sheds with low roofs. The on e-piece hood of the JD 5065E leans up very easily and allows the operator to review and easily inspect the engine, oil, radiator, hydraulic system, etc. The tractor hydraulic system is of an open center type. Interestingly, this tractor is not manufactured in the US, but in Pune, India. Other tractors of this class are the John Deere 5055E and the John Deere 5065m.

8 Reviews of the John Deere 5065E

In general very satisfied. He does everything I ask. It also has very good traction in wet soil. I had some annoying water leaks at the beginning because the hose clamps were loose. It cost me about four times to squeeze each of them, but now it seems good. I have had it for two years and has 200 hours of use.

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