John Deere 1040


The John Deere 1040 compact tractor is not a particularly popular machine. It began to be manufactured in the mid-seventies in Germany. Being manufactured in Germany, it was sold almost exclusively on the European market. The tractor is quite small, with a 2. 9 liter engine. It is a 3-cylinder fueled by diesel. The engine does not overheat thanks to a liquid cooling system. It has a rated speed of 2500 rpms. The operator controls the speed of the JD 1040 tractor through a collar-shift gearbox. This collar shift transmission system offers the operator a total of 8 speeds when going forward and 4 when reversing.

When someone bought a new John Deere 1040, it came with an open cockpit with a roll bar (ROPS) or had a cab instead. Often people improvise their own cab or sunshade after purchase, so be sure to check if the cab is original JD or not before buying a second hand tractor and take this into account when making your purchase decision.. The total weight of the JD 1040 is 2, 404 kg (5, 300 lbs), which means it doesn’t need huge tires to keep it from sinking into the ground. The tractor’s wheelbase measures 2. 04 m (80. 7 in).

Although the John Deere 1040 Compact Tractor is one of those machines that is not as well known as some of the more popular models, it is still quite well known among farmers in Europe. So if you own one, or have ever owned one, then you can help the Tractor Review community by leaving a comment of your experiences with the JD 1040 below. Be sure to be as detailed as possible in your review to give potential buyers an accurate picture as to whether or not they should consider purchasing one.

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