John Deere 320


The John Deere 320 spectacis was a machine that was produced in the early nineties (from 1991 to 1994) by JD in its Wisconsin plant in Horicon. Replaced the John Deere 285. The JD 320 engine is a 2-cylinder FD590V kawasaki that works with gasoline and has a displacement of 0. 584 liters. This produces 18 hp for the blade and to turn the wheels. Unlike many John Deere hostages, the JD 320 is liquid refrigerated with a cooling system that needs to be filled with 3. 1 liters of refrigerant from a vacuum to work properly. The transmission in this cutter that transfers energy to the wheels is hydrostatic that has infinite gears to travel ahead and infinite gears to also invest. The transmission box needs to stay full to its capacity (2. 5 liters) with transmission fluid.

The fuel tank of the John Deere 320 corteped can contain up to 11. 4 liters (3 American gasoline gallons) which will allow many hours of continuous mowing without the need to fill it. Although more than 15 years have passed since the JD 320 was manufactured, you can still see today cutting grass. This is due to the fact that it is a piece of quality machinery of a brand that you can trust. Obviously, however, if it has gone through war in recent years, then you can have some problems.

The John Deere 320 can also use certain accessories to increase its uses, especially during the winter months. While joining a utilitarian car to the rear is obvious, there are also quittings and front blades that can be coupled to clean your snowy and debris entrance. If you have a JD 320, please leave a comment below that leaves people to know what you think of it.

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