Kubota GF1800 Snow Blower


The Kubota GF1800 snow blower is smaller than the Kubota GR10 snow blower and is the smallest snow blow accessory that Kubota offers. The cutting width is 1. 07 m (42 inches), while the cutting height is 0. 51 m (20 inches). For those who can be a little confused, the GF1800 is also commonly known as the Kubota GF5225 snow blower. The snow blower is coupled to its compact tractor or garden host through a category A, quick hitch support manufactured by Kubota, which will allow you to attach the launch and be cleaning the snow in less than a minute.

The Kubota GF1800 snow blower also has sliding shoes that are easily adjustable so that the snow blow clearance height can vary depending on whether you are in the tough or softer asphalt, less even the ground like gravel or earth. The snowboard auger is made of fed steel that destroys compact and hard snow effortlessly. The impairment shovel located at the top of the “ladle” housing expels the snow strongly through the deflector duct. The endless has a diameter of 0. 33 m (12. 9 inches) while the driver consists of 3 blades and has a diameter of 0. 4 m (15. 75 inches).

The total weight of the Kubota GF1800 snow blower (or Kubota GF5225 snow blower as sometimes known) is 79. 8 kg (176 pounds). Thanks to the hydraulic system, the launch can be raised to 0. 18 m (7 inches) from the soil to save most large obstacles. The frame and driver have been built with 14 caliber steel, while the sides have been built with 11 caliber steel. Many people find that although the GF1800 is much smaller than models such as the snow blower Kubota Bx60, it remainsMore than enough for your snow cleaning needs.

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