Husqvarna P-ZT4822


The Husqvarna P-ZT4822 Zero Speaker is the smallest of the new Husqvarna P-Zt line. It has a cutting width of only 48 inches and is propelled by a Kawasaki FX series engine of 22 hp. This engine has a displacement of 0. 726 liters and is air refrigerated. The bicylindrical engine is started by key by means of a 12 volt battery that is recharged through a 15 amps alternator once the engine is running. The 4822 pzt air filter is a large cartridge filter that has a very long shelf life before having to be replaced. The host has two fuel deposits (one on each side of the driver’s seat). Its total capacity is 41. 6 liters.

A double Hydro Gear ZT 3400 hydrostatic transmission takes the engine power and transfers it to each rear wheel separately to advance the Husqvarna P-ZT4822. This transmission provides the corteped with a maximum speed of 16. 1 km/h (10 mph) forward, while backing can reach a maximum speed of 8 km/h (5 mph). The driver controls how much power deviates to each wheel using the back bars located in front of him. The only moment in which it is necessary to use the foot is when you upload or lower the cutting platform.

The Husqvarna P-ZT4822 Speaker Platform has a 48-inch cutting width as already mentioned. It is built of 11th caliber steel. The power is transferred from the engine to the triple blade platform using an electrical clutch. The maximum cutting height of the cutting platform on the PZT4822 is 5. 5 inches, but can be lowered to only 1. 5 inches above ground level. When using the platform, you can choose between using a mulching kit or collecting the grass cuts in a worship accessory. However, you can always download the cuts on the side of the cutting platform (although this can be a bit unsightly). The Husqvarna Models P-ZT6126 and Husqvarna P-ZT5224 are larger.

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