John Deere 260


The John Deere 260 spectacis was the older brother of the John Deere 240. This cortesped tractor has a Kawasaki FC540V engine of 0. 534 liters of natural aspiration. This gasoline engine produces 17 hp and uses an air cooling system to avoid engine overheating. The oil tank should be kept at 1. 6 liters of oil to prevent the engine from suffering a large wear. The engine uses a 1 2-volt battery to start the engine from a contact key. When the engine is in operation, use a 15 amps alternator to feed the battery.

The John Deere 260 was in production for a total of 4 years, from 1987 to 1991, when its production ceased. All production took place at the John Deere assembly plant in Horicon, Wisconsin. The Kanzaki transmission in this JD mapping gives 6 speeds when it moves forward and only a speed to go back. Its maximum speed is 11. 3 km/h. The cutting platform that comes standard with this model has a 4 6-inch cutting width, although its total width is actually greater due to the discharge spring located on the side of the cutting platform.

The John Deere 260 is a very versatile machine. Anyone who usually uses it for more than cutting the grass. This is because there are a number of implements that can be connected to it (some are mounted on the front, while others are mounted in the rear). These include a 4 2-inch John Deere snow blower and a 4 6-inch front blade that are coupled to the front of the JD 260. In the rear accessories can be attacked such as an optional tidner to collect the grass cuts, sosuch as utilitarian cars and other useful accessories. If you have one of these shortcuts, after please leave a review below to let people know what they can expect to use it.

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