Ariens AMP 24 Snow Blower


The Ariens Amp 24 snow blower is not like other snow blowers. It does not work with gasoline or diesel. Instead, it works with electricity. And unlike many other electric machines, the ASC24 launches is also wireless. Use a 48 V battery to feed its continuous current electric motor without brooms and give the AMP24 4 CV. This battery provides the snow blower for an hour of working time with a single load. The snow blower has a 2 4-inch cleaning width. With a width of this size, you will generally see this machine in the operation in the areas that constantly achieve large snowfalls.

The auger used by the Ariens Amp 24 snow blower has a diameter of 0. 27 m (11 inches), is built of steel and has toothed edges to do a light job of compacted snow and even ice. The 2 4-inch Ariens electric chip is a double stage machine, which means that it also uses a driver to force snow at high speed through the duct and outside the machine. Thanks to the power supplied by the battery, you can throw the snow up to 12. 2 m away from the machine. The driver consists of 3 blades and is also made of steel. It has a diameter of 0. 3 m (12 inches).

The total weight of the Ariens AMP24 snow blower is 108. 9 kg (240 pounds), which means that it will not have to lift it to keep it on a shelf. It has a total length of 1. 32 m (52 inches), while in its wider part it measures 0. 69 m (27 inches). Its highest point from the ground to the upper part of the handlebar is 1. 12 m (44 inches). This electric launch uses a disc- o-atic transmission that machine 6 speeds when traveling forward and just 2 when you are investing. Ariens is a wel l-known company with a history of quality machines and AMP24 is no different. That is why they support it with a 3-year guarantee. If you are looking for something a little less powerful, you may consider the Ariens Power Brush 28.

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