Toro Titan ZX5020


The Toro Titan ZX5020 zero-turn mower is one of the smaller models in the Toro Titan series. The Toro Titan Series of mowers are considered by many to be suitable for both large residential jobs and most commercial jobs. The Titan ZX 5020 gets its power from a 23 hp Courage engine that has been designed and built by Kohler. This engine has an overhead valve, full pressure lubrication system to help give it a long working life. The engine displacement is 0. 725 liters and the intake air is first filtered through a double air filter before entering the combustion chamber.

The Toro Titan ZX5020 can run continuously for quite some time without refueling thanks to a 5 US gallon (18. 9 liter) fuel tank. An important addition that comes with the Titan ZX 5020 is a roll bar (ROPS) so that when you are operating on a slope, you are very well protected in the off chance that you happen to tip over. Power from the engine is delivered to the wheels by a Hydro-Gear ZT 2800 hydrostatic transmission. This allows the operator to engage both wheels independently using the lap bars. When moving forward, the mower reaches a top speed of 12. 1 km/h.

The deck on the Toro Titan ZX5020 has a 50-inch width of cut and a 4-inch depth. The deck uses a 3 small blade system to easily handle virtually any depth of grass that passes over it. It also features anti-barefoot wheels at the front of the mower deck to prevent scratching of the surface you’re mowing. There are also quite a few different accessories that are compatible with the Titan ZX 5020. These include a bagger, a mulching kit as well as a cart. Models similar to this include the Toro Titan ZX4820 and the Toro Titan ZX5420.

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