John Deere 4105


The John Deere 4105 compact tractor has been manufactured since 2008. It is propelled by a Yanmar diesel engine of the TNV series. This 3-cylinder turbocharged engine provides JD 4105 with a power of 40. 5 hp. The engine is refrigerated by liquid by means of a system that requires 5. 3 liters of refrigerant. The engine uses a dr y-type air filter. It requires 4. 3 liters of oil to ensure that the engine is fully lubricated. The power is transferred to the wheels through a hydrostatic transmission that provides the 4105 infinite marches forward and infinite marches back. Its maximum speed reaches 13 mph, while in reverse can reach 5. 7 mph.

The John Deere 4105 compact tractor has a fuel tank with capacity for 43. 5 liters of diesel, while its hydraulic system needs 31. 4 liters of hydraulic fluid to fill completely. The hitch of 3 category 1 points of JD 4105 has a maximum lifting capacity of 1147 kg (2530 lbs) and is a fast imatch hitch that allows users to quickly cover or decoup away implements and accessories. The 12 volt battery of 4105 is loaded by an alternator of 40 amps. The chassis is a 4 × 4 MFWD of fou r-wheel drive, while using wet disc brakes to reduce speed and stop.

The wheelbase of the John Deere 4105 is 1. 72 m (68 inches). It has a transport weight of 1354 kg and, once in full functioning, its maximum security weight is 3265 kg. The tractor has a minimum rotation radius of 2. 9 m (9 feet). This compact utractor tractor is supplied with an antivuelco bar or a hood to protect from the sun. There are also a number of accessories compatible with this tractor, from bales unwinders, disc reaper, rotary rakes and wheel rakes to sprayers, box shovels, front shovels, aerators and front loaders. This tractor, being one of JD’s most modern compacts, is very popular among the new buyers.

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