John Deere F525


The John Deere F525 mower is a bit different than other mowers produced by JD. Instead of having the mower deck mounted under the midsection, the F525 has its mower deck mounted forward. It is mounted in front of the steering wheel, hence the ‘F’ in the name.

The JD F525 comes with an air-cooled, 1-cylinder, 4-stroke John Deere engine with a power output of 17PS and an oil capacity of just over 4litres. The fuel tank holds 10. 4 liters of gasoline. The best aspect of the John Deere F525 mower is its massive 48-inch deck, which makes it fantastic for tackling large areas (it’s 10 inches larger than its little brother the F510 which clocks in at 38 inches).

One of the main complaints people have with the JD F525 is that it can only go 5 mph forward. This is primarily to keep the mower deck stable on uneven ground. So while it does have a very large mowing deck at 48′, it can be frustrating if you have a large flat area to mow like a golf course or football field. In cases like these, opting for a regular mower like the John Deere 318 might be a good idea.

Although many people like the innovative design of the F525, they often find that it has its problems as well and that there are much better John Deere mowers available even though their cutting width is much smaller. Many people believe that the John Deere F series of mowers paved the way for future generations of John Deere ZTR mowers that were obviously better designed and had a zero turn radius.

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