John Deere 3520


The John Deere 3520 compact tractor is a similar but larger model than the John Deere 3320. Its power is similar to that of the Tractor John Deere 3038E. The engine that drives the JD 3520 is a Yanmar. The model number of this engine is 3TNV84T. This turbocharged diesel engine has 3 cylinders and produces respectable 37 hp. The engine uses direct injection technology, which allows the operator to start it more easily when it is cold. Controlling this host is relatively easy because it is a 4WD machine. This machine also has assisted direction and wet disc brakes that add to its ease of use.

In addition, the John Deere 3520 comes with 3 different transmissions. The first is a partially synchronized Powreverser transmission that provides JD 3520 12 marches when moving forward and also backward. However, for greater ease of use, the other two transmissions (Sauer-Danfoss Ehydro and Ehydro Autohst) make the machine automatic with 3 speeds (HI, medium, lo). This compact tractor comes standard with a rear TDF that has a maximum capacity of 1147 kg (2530 lbs), but also has the option of a central TDF (for central assembly mowing platforms).

The total weight of John Deere 3520 is 1619 kg if purchased with a cabin. However, there is also the option to buy it with a folding antivuelco bar (ROPS). This version of JD 3520 (with Rops, not with cabin) is much lighter, since it weighs 1315 kg. This machine is located at the upper end of the range of compact utility tractors. This compact utractor tractor has many accessories with which it is compatible, from snow blowers to backhoes, loaders and cutting platforms, so you can always easily find a use.

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