John Deere L100


The John Deere L100 lawn mower is the entry-level garden tractor in JD’s L100 series. It was built and produced by JD for only 2 years, from 2003 to 2005. All production of this model took place at JD’s Horicon, Wisconsin assembly plant. The 4×2 2WD chassis houses a 17 horsepower Briggs and Stratton gasoline engine. This 1-cylinder engine is 0. 5 liter in size and uses a paper and foam based air filter to clean the air intake. This engine has an oil pan that needs to be filled with 1. 4 liters of oil to keep it properly lubricated at all times. Larger models in the L100 series include the John Deere L110 mower, the John Deere L120 mower, and the John Deere L130 mower.

This engine feeds a transmission box that gives the John Deere L100 5 gears when moving forward and only 1 when in reverse. This transmission gives the JD L100 a top speed of 10. 3 km/h, while it can reach 3. 7 km/h when reversing. Due to its design, this garden tractor has a very low minimum turning radius of only 0. 46 m (18 inches). The JD L100 weighs just 209 kg, making it very light compared to other John Deere mowers. It has a width of 0. 91 m (36 inches) and a length of 1. 52 m (60 inches).

The John Deere L100’s gas tank has a maximum capacity of just 7. 9 liters of gasoline, but since the engine is relatively small, this 7. 9 liters should last you quite a while, provided you haven’t throttled it too much. The JD L100 uses John Deere’s very useful CargO Mount system for both the front and rear implements, which means you can add implements quickly and easily without much effort. Thanks to this CargO Mount system, it is compatible with a wide range of attachments, from utility carts to shovels, sweepers, front blades, center-mount blades, an 8-bushel capacity bagger and many more.

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