John Deere 316


The John Deere 316 is the small brother of the popular JD 318. Much of this driver’s cutter used the same pieces and components as 318, but 316 was marketed as the “smaller” or “lighter” version. It was manufactured in Horicon, Wisconson (USA) from 84 to 92 and offered with two slightly different onan engines: onan P218 and onan P218g. The P218 was a 2-cylinder and 0. 8 liter gasoline engine that provided 18 hp. While the P218G was a 2-cylinder and 0. 7 liter gasoline engine that also provided 18 hp. Both transfer the power through a hydrostatic transmission that has an infinite number of marches both forward and backward. Why have 2 very similar engines used that provide the same CV in a single corteped remains a mystery.

The 316 fuel tank may contain a maximum of 17 liters of fuel, while it has a cutting platform that can be up to 48 inches of size, allowing to cover a very large area. The John Deere 316 spectacle has a length of 1. 76 m (69. 5 inches) and its wider section (without cutting platform) is 1. 09 m (43. 3 inches). However, depending on the coupled cutting platform, its maximum width can increase a lot. It also has a very respectable rotation radius of 0. 6 m (25 inches) so it is quite skilled and agile in narrow areas.

As many JD Models of Corteped, the John Deere 316 can carry a wide variety of accessories, including snow and blades/blankets/blazer knitter handlers. Obviously, the operation of 316 in cold climates is not ideal, so it has the option of a femco cabin to keep it dry and reasonably hot. When everything is said and done, JD 316 is really a fantastic tractor. He is as powerful as his older brother, but when he sold new by John Deere, who carried a smaller price label, which means that for less money in advance, that they were receiving the same amount of energy.

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