John Deere 54 Inch Quick Hitch Front Blade


The John Deere 54-Inch Quick Hitch Front Shovel shares quite a few things in common with the John Deere 52-Inch Rotary Broom and John Deere 47-Inch Snow Blower. The most obvious is that it is only compatible with the John Deere X700 series of riding mowers. Specifically, these mowers include the X700, X720, X724, X728, X729, X740, X744, X748, X749 models. This 54″ blade is highly adjustable. It uses a hydraulic system to change and set the angle of the blade so that it correctly deposits snow in the right place.

The hydraulic system allows it to rotate up to 30 degrees in either direction from its center, so whichever direction you’re traveling, you’ll always be able to deposit snow exactly where you want it. But the John Deere 54″ Quick Hitch Front Shovel isn’t just for moving snow, you can also use it for light earthmoving tasks as well as moving debris.

To ensure you get the most out of your John Deere 54-Inch Quick Hitch Snow Plow for moving snow, you should also consider using tire chains for additional traction. In addition to this, you should consider using ballast at the rear of the tractor to further increase the grip of the wheels. As an added safety feature (to protect the blade) it has a coil spring suspension built into it so if it does hit a large immovable object it will flex instead of potentially breaking or damaging the Quik Tatch system that is attached. used to attach itself to the lawn mower tractor. You’ll also be pleased to learn that the JD 54-inch front blade uses slip shoes that can be adjusted so that you can keep the blade off the ground to prevent possibly damaging it.

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