John Deere 2900


The Tractor John Deere 2900 is the largest in the 2000 series of tractors that also includes the John Deere 2400 tractors, John Deere 2700 and John Deere 2800. The JD 2900 tractor obtains its power of a turbocharged diesel engine. The engine is 4 cylinders and has a total displacement of 4. 2 liters. Use a dr y-type air filter that prevents dust and other particles from entering the engine where they can obstruct combustion chambers and even damage the engine. The engine has a maximum power of 106 hp. Its nominal regime is 2, 200 rpm.

There are 2 gearbox options for the John Deere 2900 tractor. The largest operator 16 speeds forward but only 4 speeds when it goes back. The smallest transmission has 8 marches to go forward and 8 to go back. The JD 2900 and the rest of the 2000 series is a bit different from most John Deere tractors built at this time. This is because, although it was designed by John Deere, it was built by a company called Zetor in the Czech Republic. The tractor weighs 1451 kg.

The John Deere 2900 is available with MFWD chassis of 2 or 4 motor wheels, according to their needs. You can also choose between an open operator or a cabin. Many people are confused when they hear that JD 2900 is part of the 2000 series. This is because there is more than one “2000 series” of tractors. The most known 2000 series includes the John Deere 2305 tractors, John Deere 2320, John Deere 2520 and John Deere 2720. You can leave an opinion on 2900 using the form that appears below. Fill in each field as much as possible and be sure to include both its positive and negative experiences so that potential buyers have a good overview of it.

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