John Deere 515


The Tractor John Deere 515 has two variants: the standard model and the John Deere 515V, specifically modified for use in vineyards. JD 515 was manufactured in Spain, so it was never available in the United States. Use a diesel engine designed and manufactured by John Deere. It is a 4-cylinder engine that has a liquid cooling system so that the engine never hot. The engine has a paper air filter at the air inlet that prevents dust and other particles from entering the engine, where they could obstruct and damage it.

The John Deere 515 is built on a 4 × 2wd chassis, which means that large rear wheels drive it forward, while the front wheels, much smaller, are responsible for directing it. The JD 515 tractor has a 3-point category 1 hitch in the rear that allows you to house a large number of different and useful accessories.

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