John Deere 220C


The John Deere 220C Golf Green Speaker is sel f-propelled. It is very similar to the John Deere 180C and the John Deere 220 E-Cut Hybrid. You can notice that JD 220 C is a good piece more expensive than “regular” walks behind the tops such as the John Deere JS26 and John Deere JS36 Species. This is simply because 220c is designed to be much more precise. The engine that drives it is a Honda GX120. It is a gasoline engine that avoids overheating thanks to an air cooling system. The engine is 4 times with a total displacement of 0. 118 liters. The maximum engine power is 3. 5 hp.

Instead of using a rotating blade like the one found in the normal spectacles, the John Deere 220C has a rotating cylinder or reel that gives a very higher cut to the green that a blade could never. The width of the mill is 22 inches. It has a diameter of 5 inches. In total, the reel has 11 different blades. These blades are made of a thermally treated steel, which means that they maintain their strength and sharpness for a longer time. Once the grass is cut, it passes to a pickup located in the front of the host. The collector is made of plastic.

The total weight of the John Deere 220C is 99. 5 kg (219 pounds), which is quite light considering that it has a total cutting width of 22 inches. The total width is much greater than the cutting width, 37. 3 inches. Before cutting the grass, it is filmed with a steel roller that has a diameter of 0. 06 m. After cutting the grass, it is shot with an aluminum roller that has a diameter of 0. 19 m.

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