Husqvarna LTH1538


The Husqvarna LTH1538 Cortation Tractor is smaller than most of the cortorésped tractors that Husqvarna currently offers. The engine gives a maximum of 15 hp, while the top platform has a 3 8-inch cut width. If you are looking for something that offers more power or has a greater width of a cut, then you must take a look at the 2346xls or the Husqvarna LGT2654 Tractors. The 15 hp engine of the LTH 1538 is a Briggs and Stratton Ink model. It is an engine of a cylinder with a total displacement of 0. 508 liters. The engine feeds on a small fuel tank with capacity for 5. 7 liters. The engine is launched with a 12 volt battery.

Fortunately, Husqvarna LTH1538 is automatic and it is not necessary to change gear to accelerate or stop. Instead, just use the accelerator pedal. The power is supplied to the rear wheels that measure 18 × 9. 5 (18 inches in diameter, 9. 5 inches wide) while the front wheels that direct the LTH 1538 measure each 15 × 6 (15 inches in diameter, 6 inches wide). The cutter of the corteped is built in 14 caliber steel.

The Husqvarna LTH1538 cutting platform has 2 blades hosted inside. These 2 blades are activated by means of a belt transmission system. The platform can work up to 3. 5 inches above the ground if you have to cut especially long. Luckily, you can lower up to 5 cm above the ground to obtain a very tight cut. In total, there are 6 different cutting heights in the LTH1538. Many people choose to use the optional embolsor accessory on this host to collect grass cuts after they cut off their grass with a very clean appearance. The other options to treat the cuts are to crush them or simply leave them on the grass.

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