Toro GT2100


The Toro GT2100 Specifier Tractor is very similar to the GT2200 Toro Speaker. The GT 2200 spectacisped has one of the most powerful engines of any Toro Speaker. The engine that drives it produces 23 hp. It is a Kohler Courage model. This bicylindrical engine is an OHV model and has a totally pressurized lubrication system. The engine also has an oil filter. The engine is not overheats thanks to an air cooling system. The high strength transmission of the GT 2100 transfers the power to the wheels. This gearbox makes it incredibly fast compared to many other grass tractors. Its maximum speed is 9. 7 kph (6 mph), while in reverse it has a maximum speed of 5. 6 kph (3. 5 mph).

The cutting platform that comes with the series GT2100 of series has 3 different operating modes. The basic mode consists of downloading the grass cut by the side of the platform. However, you can optionally attach a rear burn to collect the cuts, although it will take time to empty. The last option is to use the Mulching kit that crushes the grass cuts very quickly in a rapid decomposition and highly nutritious mulch. The GT 2100 cut platform can rise up to 10 cm above the ground. It can be lowered 2. 5 inches from here to 1. 5 inches above the ground.

Operating the GT2100 bull for long periods is quite easy since the driver’s seat is completely adjustable to adapt to virtually any height. It also has a high support that offers great support. The GT 2100 can accommodate a 4 2-inch 2-stages quittings, as well as a 4 6-inch front blade, which makes it very useful even during winter. It comes with standard headlights so you can use it when it is dark.

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