John Deere 855


The Jarden Deere 855 garden tractor was a tractor highly appreciated in his day. In fact, it is still widely used by gardening professionals and landscaping thanks to its good construction and reliability. The JD 855 was manufactured for 12 years, from 1986 to 1998. During this time, a smaller version of this lawn tractor called John Deere 755 was also manufactured. The engine does not need to be especially powerful, so it is equipped with aYanmar diesel engine that provides the machine 24 hp. The engine is refrigerated by liquid by means of a system that requires 3. 8 liters of refrigerant. The 3-cylinder engine has natural aspiration and an oil capacity of 3. 1 liters.

All this engine power is transferred to the wheels by means of a hydrostatic transmission with 2 ranges (HI and what) that provides the John Deere 855 infinite speeds both forward and backward. The tractor is built on 2 chassis to choose from. The first option is a 4 × 4 mfwd 4wd chassis. This provides the JD 855 from a distance to 0. 25 m (9. 9 inches). The other option is a 4 × 2wd chassis that provides the garden tractor with a greater distance to the floor of 0. 32 m (12. 7 inches).

You will immediately notice that the John Deere 855 wheels are very large and soft, much larger than what would normally be expected in a tractor of this size. This is simply so that the wheel threads do not remain on the ground after passing over. The fuel tank of JD 855 has capacity for 16. 4 liters of diesel. The open hydraulic system of this compact tractor has capacity for 17 liters of hydraulic fluid and works at a pressure of 2050 psi. The John Deere 855 weighs 857 kg and measures 2. 8 m long. It is 1. 17 m (46. 2 inches) wide and has a seemingly large height of 1. 92 m (75. 6 inches) due to its Rops (antivuelco bar).

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