Toro TimeCutter SS3600


The Toro TimeCutter SS3600 Zero-Turn Mower is the smallest of the TimeCutter series. The motor that propels it yields only 15 CV. This is a Kohler gasoline engine that uses a dual element air filter to prevent particles from entering the combustion chamber and clogging it. The SS3600 Timer Cutter uses a dual hydrostatic transmission to transfer power to the mower’s wheels. This allows the operator to control the speed of each rear wheel independently using the lap bars in front of him. There are no pedals.

The Toro TimeCutter SS3600 has a fairly small cutting deck. It has a cutting width of only 32 inches. Unlike many of the larger TimeCutter series machines like the Toro TimeCutter SS4200 and Toro TimeCutter SS4235 zero-turn mowers, the SS 3600 has a single large blade mounted centrally on its mower deck. This Toro mower discharges the grass clippings out the side of the mower deck, but there are 2 other options you can take to deal with the clippings. The first is to use a Recycling Kit that consists of 3 blades that cut the grass much more than normal blades, turning it into a mulch that will break down quickly, releasing its nutrients back into the soil.

The other option you can use on the Toro TimeCutter SS3600 to deal with grass clippings is to attach a double bagger to the rear of the machine so it collects the clippings instead of leaving them on the ground, making the grass cutmuch more pleasing to the eye. The cutting deck can be quickly raised and lowered on the TimeCutter SS 3600 thanks to a foot pedal.

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