John Deere 212


The John Deere 212 is another beautiful tractor from the house of John Deere. This model is one of his many successful garden tractors. The model has been able to deliver extraordinary results, making sure that the user’s expectations are met to the core.

Production of the John Deere 212 began in the year 1975. Production lasted until 1987. It is one of the few John Deere models that have been produced for such a long time, which clearly indicates how popular this model was and still is amongthe users. Manufacture of the JD 212 took place in Horicon, United States.

For starters, the JD 212 has a 12 horsepower motor. Many reading might consider the engine sub-par when it comes to power. However, when we talk about garden tractors, this power is way better than most of the other tractors. Fuel capacity is around 3. 5 US gallons which comes to about 13 liters.

The wheelbase of the John Deere 212 is 46 inches—again, a very long wheelbase for a yard tractor. The weight of this machine is 660 pounds. It has a manual steering wheel. The engine has been manufactured and designed by Kohler. Kohler and John Deere have had a long and successful partnership. The John Deere 212 engine runs on gasoline. Being a garden tractor, it has a single cylinder engine.

It is equipped with a single reverse gear and 4 forward gears. The length of this model is 67. 5 inches which again is considered excellent for this segment. The width of the model is 41. 5 inches while its height is 42 inches.

One of the highlights of the JD 212 is its accessories. It has a mower deck with a 38-inch width of cut. The same model is also available with a mower deck whose cutting width is an astonishing 46 inches. The overall look of the model is also something that has played a vital role in its impressive sales chart. The combination of green and yellow is good enough to be called the “perfect icing on the cake.”

The John Deere 212 is undoubtedly one of the best sellers when we talk about the segment of garden tractors manufactured by John Deere. This model can compete with any other tractor.

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