Cub Cadet ENFORCER 54


The Zero Cu Cadet Enforce 54 Giro Cadet Specker is the largest machine of the Cub Cadet’s enforce series. The 2 smaller models of the Enforcer series are the Zero Cub Cadet Enforce 44 and CUB Cadet Enforce 48. This platform has blades with an extended cutting edge that provides a more clear and clean cut to its grass. In total, there are 3 blades inside the platform. The platform itself is made of manufactured steel 11. In the front of the housing there are 2 ant i-macming wheels and in the rear 4 rollers ant i-decamation. These help guide the platform gently on the grass, while at the same time prevent the grass from being hooked and cut, which can leave very ugly scars marks.

The Zero Cu Cadet Enforce 54 Giro Cadet 54 discharges the grass cuts cut by the side of the standard platform, but can also get rid of the grass cuts in other ways. You can acquire a Mulching kit or even an assisted packed kit that collects the grass cuts in a rear bag accessory so you can discard them outside the site.

The 54 enforcement operator seat has a buil t-in suspension, headquarters and high support to offer the driver great comfort and support for long periods of work. This model comes with an electronic time counter so you can know when you need maintenance with great precision. When buying the new 54 cadet cadet cadet, it comes with a limited 2-year commercial guarantee, which is a great indicator of the faith that Cub Cadet has on its own machines.

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