Kubota L5240


The Kubota L5240 is the second largest tractor in the Kubota L40 series of compact utility tractors. The largest and most powerful tractor is the Kubota L5740, while if you are looking for something that is a bit smaller, you should check out the Kubota L3940 or the Kubota L4240 or even the Kubota L4740 tractor. Like the rest of the tractors in the Kubota L40 range, the L 5240 uses an E-TVCS diesel engine to drive both the hydraulics and the wheels. This engine is a 4-cylinder 4-stroke with an overall size of 2, 434 liters. The engine is turbocharged, giving it a net power of 52 hp. The engine runs at 2, 600 rpm.

As already stated, the engine powers the hydraulic system of the Kubota L5240. This system has a total maximum hydraulic flow of 53. 5 liters per minute. This drives the rear 3 point hitch which is category 1 with the option of a category 2 hitch. This rear hitch has a maximum lift of 3 points. This rear hitch has a maximum lifting capacity of 1, 350 kg. Power is delivered to the wheels of the L5240 via an HST Plus gearbox giving the tractor infinite speeds in 3 ranges. This means that gear changing is minimal. It gives the tractor a top speed of 24. 9 km/h in forward gear, while in reverse it can reach a top speed of 22. 4 km/h.

The Kubota L5240 compact utility tractor can be equipped with a range of useful attachments and attachments that greatly enhance its functionality. To get rid of snow in your driveway, you can attach a dual-stage snow blower to the rear of the tractor (64 inches or 74 inches wide). But if you prefer a front-mounted 2-stage snow blower, you can choose between 2 models, a 62-inch and a 72-inch.

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