John Deere 170


The John Deere 170 is a seat with a seat built by John Deere in his Horicon factory in Wisconsin. Its production lasted only one year, from 89 to 90. The JD 170 came with a Kawasaki FC420V engine. It is a natural suction gasoline engine, 0. 4 liters and 1 cylinder. It is air refrigerated and uses a dry foam air filter. This gives a power of 14 hp. The transmission is where the John Deere 170 becomes very interesting. It is an 800 gears transaxle peerless transmission that gives 5 gears forward and 1 in reverse. This transmission requires 1. 1 liters of oil. With this transmission, the 170sped 1 has a maximum speed of 8 km/h.

The John Deere 170 chassis is a 4 × 2wd. Its fuel tank has capacity for 8. 3 liters of gasoline. The cutting platform of the corteped is 38 ″ and is adjustable 2 cm to 10 cm (1 inch at 4 inches). Interestingly, the 170 has a front force that is available for a wide variety of accessories and implements, such as a single stage snow blower 38 ″ / launches and brushes. You can also wear a 42 ″ wide blade. The JD170 does not come with a cabin, but you can get an optional. The garden host seat is the traditional yellow one that you will find in almost all JD cutting seats.

The shipping weight of the corteped is 258 kg (570 lbs). It has a wheelbase of 1. 13 m (48 inches) and measures 1. 65 m (65 inches) long. Thanks to its front TDF, the John Deere 170 is a very flexible and versatile tractor, capable of performing many different tasks, from cutting the grass to getting rid of the snow or moving (very small quantities) of earth. This tractor will probably not see in a commercial operation, but rather in a residential environment.

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