John Deere 1350


The Tractor John Deere 1350 is the smallest machine of the JD 1050 series, which also includes the John Deere 1550 tractors and John Deere 1750. The JD 1350 is a compact utilitarian tractor built on a 4 × 2wd chassis. The tractor has incorporated an antivuelco bar (Rops), but unfortunately it does not carry standard cabin to protect the driver from the inclement weather. However, this has not prevented farmers from building their own cabins for him. In total, this tractor was manufactured for 9 years, from 1986 to 1994.

As John Deere 1350 is a compact utility tractor, it is not especially heavy. Its total weight is 2431 kg, but once loaded with fuel and ballast it can weigh much more. The wheels that support the tractor are not solid either. The front wheels, responsible for the direction, measure each 6. 5-16 (6. 5 inches of width, 16 inches in tire diameter), while the rear wheels, which transfer the power to the ground, measure each one 12, 4-24 (12. 4 inches of width, 24 inches in tire diameter). The entire construction of the JD 1350 tractor was carried out at the John Deere plant located in Mannheim, Germany.

The engine that propels the John Deere 1350 has been designed by JD itself. It is an atmospheric diesel engine of 3 cylinders. The engine is refrigerated by liquid and has a nominal regime of 2300 rpm. The engine has a total displacement of 2. 9 liters and a total power of 37. 5 hp. You can leave your thoughts at JD 1350 down filling the form and leaving a review. Be sure to keep your opinion as balanced as possible, making sure to include both the good and bad things you have found when using this machine. Try to be as detailed as possible including any modification you have made to it as well as any accessory you use with it.

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