John Deere 1338PE Snow Blower


The John Deere 1338PE 38-Inch Snow Blower is the largest self-propelled snow blower JD produces. The second largest self-propelled snow blower they make is the John Deere 1332PE Snow Blower. The JD 1338PE is powered by a John Deere designed and built Large Professional Series engine. This 0. 34 liter 4-stroke engine produces 16. 5 foot-pounds of gross torque. This power is diverted to the wheels via a friction disc transmission which gives the snowthrower 6 speeds when moving forward and 2 speeds when in reverse. The engine is not designed or built by John Deere. It is built by Briggs and Stratton and is used in many larger snow blowers.

The large 38-inch-wide mouth of the John Deere 1338PE Snowblower houses a 14-inch-tall, serrated steel auger that happily eats up and breaks up even the most compacted snow. This snow is expelled through its extra large steel deflector. The spoiler is electronically controlled so you can quickly adjust its position on the fly.

The John Deere 1338PE Snow Blower has a powerful muffler to prevent excessive noise during operation. the JD 1338PE features the “Quick Spin” drive system. This means that it is capable of locking a single wheel while allowing the other to rotate normally. This is a crucial aspect that makes many professional snow removal contractors choose this snow thrower over others. The ease with which it rotates with minimal operator effort allows it to quickly clear non-standard areas with many twists and turns. Obviously it is a machine designed for professional use. If you’re looking for a smaller model, check out the John Deere 522E Snow Blower.

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