John Deere 1026R


The JOHN DEERE 1026R subcompact tractor is part of the JD Series 1 that also includes the Tractor John Deere 1023E. This machine is built on a 4 × 4 mfwd 4wd chassis and uses a Yanmar Diesel engine, 3TNV76 model to propel it. This engine is a 3-cylinder model that produces 25. 2 hp and has a total displacement of 3. 7 liters. The engine is not overheats thanks to a liquid cooling system that contains up to 3. 7 liters of water. The engine works with a compression ratio of 23. 5 to 1. The 1026R JD oil tank may contain up to 2. 7 liters.

The engine feeds the John Deere 1026R hydraulic system. This hydraulic system has a capacity of 12. 3 liters of hydraulic fluid. Act the rear hitch (limited category 1) to have a maximum elevation capacity of 650 kg (1433 lbs). The engine is launched with a 1 2-volt battery that supplies 500 cold starting amps to the engine. The fuel is extracted from a tank with capacity for 21. 2 liters of diesel. The engine transfers the power to the wheels by means of a 2-range hydrostatic transmission (high/low). This gearbox provides JD 1026R for a maximum speed of 14. 6 km/h (9. 1 mph).

The subcompact utilitary tractor John Deere 1026R is not the heaviest tractor ever produced by JD. Its operating weight is only 654 kg. From the ground level to its highest point (the Rops) is 1. 96 m (77. 5 inches). The 1026R JD has rear wheels that measure 26 × 12-12 (26 inches in diameter, 12 inches of width, 12 inches in tire diameter) while the front wheels are smaller, measuring 18 × 8. 5-10 (18inches in diameter, 8. 5 inches of width, 10 inches in tire diameter). This compact tractor has a central TDF compatible with a cutting platform of 54 or 60 inches. In addition to a cutting platform, it is also compatible with a front loader John Deere D120 and John Deere H120. In the back, you can carry a backhoe.

One Review of the John Deere 1026R

The main complaints are the lack of impulse of the direction, the high slowdown and the stop of the reversing reversal.

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