John Deere WH52A


The sel f-propelled cutter John Deere Wh52A is the greatest and most powerful offer of JD in terms of sel f-propelled hut. This giant has a 5 2-inch cutting platform that houses 3 blades. With such a large width, it would usually be expected to be a tractor. This corteped is made of a single 7-caliber 7-caliber steel sheet that is very durable and very unlikely to crack, double or break even when it hits something at high speed. You will also notice that at the front of the cutting platform (on the front edge) there are 4 robust anti-discamination wheels that prevent the platform from getting hooked and scraped the grass when it moves on an irregular cut surface.

While in many John Deere commercial spectacédes, the only option is to download the grass cuts on the side, in the John Deere Wh52A also has the option to pick them up. The JD Wh52A engine is a 0. 603 liter FS600V Kawasaki that provides 20 hp to the wheels. This is transferred through a hydrostatic gearbox. If this host is a bit too big for you, but you are still interested in buying a John Deere commercial host, then the John Deere Wh36a or the John Deere Wh48a may interest you.

The maximum speed of the John Deere Wh52A is 11. 3 km/h (7 mph), which is a speed that is normally associated with a driver’s host. When you leave a comment, please be sure to specifically mention what you liked and did not like JD Wh52A to give others an idea what to expect when you buy one. Also try to include any modification you have made.

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