Kubota MX5100


The Kubota MX5100 Special Utility Tractor is a slightly more powerful model that is in many ways very similar to the Kubota MX4700. This tractor uses a diesel engine made by Kubota. It is a four-cylinder V2403-M-T engine that has a total power of 52. 2 hp. The MX 5100 engine is the same size as the MX 4700 tractor, with a displacement of 2, 434 liters, except that this engine is turbocharged. This engine also uses a liquid cooling system to prevent overheating. The dry-type, dual-element air cleaner on this engine keeps dust and particles out of the air intake. The engine is started with an ignition key that uses a 12 volt battery. The battery is recharged by a 45 amp alternator during operation.

The power from the Kubota MX5100 engine is delivered to the wheels via various transmissions. One of these is a gearshift transmission that provides the tractor with 8 forward speeds and another 8 for reverse. However, this is a lot of work when constantly changing speeds. Instead, you may be interested in the hydrostatic gearbox, which gives the MX5100 endless speeds in 3 different gear ranges. Braking on this tractor is done with mechanical wet disc brakes. It also has a differential lock to make turning easier.

The rear of the Kubota MX5100 has a PTO with a nominal speed of 540 rpm. There is also a category 1 3-point hitch (and the option of category 2) at the rear of the tractor. This hitch has a maximum lifting capacity of 1050 kg. The tractor’s hydraulic system that drives the 3-point hitch has a pumping capacity of 35. 8 l/min (9. 5 US gallons per minute). The MX 5100 can accommodate a backhoe and front loader, as well as many other attachments.

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