John Deere 1010


The John Deere 1010 is another popular ancient tractor of John Deere. It was part of the new generation series, when it was built between 1960 and 1965, which may sound a bit weird taking into account that now the newest 1010 that can be found is over 45 years old (it is not exactly new generation!). Like so many popular tractors of that time, JD 1010 has many modified brothers and sisters. There is the industrial wheel version (1010W), the garden (1010o), the cultivation in rows (1010r), as well as the cultivation versions in utilitarian rows (1010ru) and of cultivation in simple rows (1010rc). However, this article will focus mainly on the John Deere 1010 standard.

The production of JD 1010 took place in Dubuque, Iowa, where the tractor was built with the option of 2 engines, a 4-cylinder and 2. 4-liter diesel engine with natural aspiration or a smaller 4-cylinder gasoline engine and 1, 9 liters. Both engines were designed and built by John Deere and had a maximum power of 36 hp.

The 1010 was not as long as some of the most popular JD tractors today, measured 1. 77 m (70 inches) from front to back. As the gasoline engine was slightly smaller than the diesel, the 1010 with gasoline engine weighs 1779 kg (3923 lbs), while the model with diesel engine weighs 1832 kg (4041 lbs).

The Wheel industrial version of 1010 was differentiated from the John Deere 1010 normal in which the front axle was not adjustable and also in the fact that it was completely painted yellow, not of the standard green and yellow that is normally associated with John Deere. Together, this was another very popular and successful tractor that JD built during the 1960s, which helped them to establish themselves in the US and elsewhere as one of the great brands of machinery when it comes to agriculture.

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