John Deere 1020


The Tractor John Deere 1020 is a fairly old machine of the “New Generation” tractor series. This tractor had a very long production that lasted from 1965 to 1973. The tractor is propelled by 2 different engines, both manufactured by JD. The first is a natural aspiration diesel engine. This engine is a 3-cylinder model that has a liquid cooling system to prevent overheating and has a total displacement of 2. 5 liters. This diesel engine works with a compression ratio of 16. 7 to 1. The second option is a natural aspiration gasoline model. This engine also has 3 cylinders and is refrigerated by liquid. The gas engine fires in a compression ratio of 7. 5 to 1. Both motor options for JD 1020 use a paper air filter to stop the small matter of the particle of entering the engine where it can potentially obstruct it up.

Both John Deere 1020 engines use the same gearbox. It is a no n-synchronized transmission that provides the tractor with a total of 4 progress and 4 setback. It allows the JD 1020 to reach a maximum speed of 26. 7 km/h forward. The operator uses a dry clutch to change march.

The weight of the John Deere 1020 varies depending on the engine that has been incorporated. With the diesel engine, it has a total weight of 2209 kg (4870 lbs), while with the gasoline engine, its total weight amounts to 2145 kg (4730 lbs). The maximum weight weighing of JD 1020 is 2701 kg. The tractor wheels that support this weight are quite standard. The front wheels measure each 5. 5-16 (5. 5 inches wide, 16 inches in tire diameter). The rear wheels measure 13, 6-28 (13. 6 inches wide, 28 inches in tire diameter). The other largest models of the same series as this are the John Deere 2020 and John Deere 3020 tractors.

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