Bad Boy CZT50


The Zero Bad Boy Czt50 gyrus cutting is the mediu m-sized machine of the Badboy ZT range. The Bad Boy Czt42 spectacés has a minor cutting width, while the zer o-turning bad bad czt60 spin has a larger cut width. The cutting width of the ZT 50 Commercial is 50 inches. This cutting platform has three 16. 5-inch blades housed inside. The cutting platform is made of a single piece of steel that has a thickness of three seventeen inch (3/16 ″). The operator electronically controls the height of the platform, which allows it to raise and lower it from 1. 5 inches to 5 inches above the ground, with infinite intermediate heights. The blades of this platform are operated by Correa. You will find 6 anti-scalping wheels linked to the edge of the top platform.

There are 2 possible engine options to act the zero pruning of the return of Bad Boy Czt50. The first is a 23 hp vanguard. The second is a 2, 27 hp Kohler engine. Both engines work with gasoline and are air refrigerated. Both engines also use the same automotive fuel filter. Attached to each engine there is an alternator of 20 amps used to recharge the 12 volt battery that starts the engine.

Bad Boy Czt50 motor power is transmitted to the wheels through a double hydrostatic transmission that makes it an automatic vehicle in which only steering bars are used to accelerate or backward. The total weight of CZT 50 Badboy is 395. 1 kg (871 lbs). There are a series of different accessories that can be used together with this corteped, such as a double bag system to collect the cuts or a mulching kit to convert grass cuts into a nutritious mulch.

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