Husqvarna WHF4817


The Husqvarna Whf4817 is similar to the Husqvarna Whf6123 and Husqvarna Whf5223, except that it has a smaller engine and a minor cutting width. The 4817 WHF engine is a tw o-cylinder kawasaki. This engine uses an air cooling system and has a total power of 17 hp. The engine uses a Kanzaki tandem pump and a Parker wheel engine to transfer the power to the rear wheels, each of which measures 18 × 7. 5-8 (18 inches in diameter, 7. 5 inches of width, 8 inches in tire diameter). The maximum speed of this sel f-propelled host is 11. 3 km/h.

The Husqvarna HF4817 Speaker Platform is floating, which means that you can follow the soil contours as it moves on it to offer a more uniform cut. The cu t-off platform is made of 10 caliber steel but has a 7 caliber steel socket for greater resistance. Each of the 3 blades hosted inside the WHF 4817 platform has a diameter of 16. 25 inches. These blades are operated by Correa and are engaged by an electrical clutch. Fortunately, the top platform can work in very long grass thanks to the fact that it can rise up to 15 cm above the ground. It can also work as low as 1. 5 inches above the ground.

Although the cutting platform has a 4 8-inch cut width, it also has a large plastic protective fin of the united discharge next to the platform that makes its total width 59 inches. The speech gas tank has a maximum capacity of 20. 1 liters of gasoline. The total weight of WHF 4817 is 299. 4 kg. To control the speed and direction of this great sel f-propelled cutter, it has controls with gun handle.

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